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$10,000 and a Wash Board Stomach (also, update on the burglars)

Good day my friend. Belting down with snow again today. I'm hiding inside looking out the window at it.  The happy clapping motivational bunch would be saying shit like 'everyday is sunny when you're making money' and 'be grateful you're alive' and the rest of their canned responses. Of course i'm grateful to be alive and i'm my usual happy, excited self but the snowy icy c [...]

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Ever Been Soooooo Drunk, You Lost Your Gnome?

hello. A few years back, before i stopped drinking. My mate was to wed. In the 8 weeks or so leading up to the wedding, we fell off the wagon and got pissed up every weekend. As you can imagine, i amassed a nice collection of stories you may hear about one day. This one i'll tell today, because it's a classic. But before we go any further, in case my mother happens to read t [...]

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Vicar Sucks off 2 Choir Boys

But i was in the choir, the vicar didn't come near me! What's wrong with me? Haha. On skype to my boy Russell over the weekend, scripting a video we need to record for a stage of our new funnel, using the usual AIDA The first A being for attention. In any marketing the first thing you have to do is open strong, grab the attention of the reader/viewer/listener. As Russell h [...]

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0 to $10,000 in under 8 weeks!

You could learn a thing or 2 from a guy who's just done that, right? Firstly, i hope you had a great festive period. I did. Quiet but perfect. Now it's time to ramp things up i guess, since it's the 14th Jan and most people will have made a mess of their resolutions already. Resolutions are dumb. Just ideals people shout about in the heat of the moment, and if starting a ho [...]

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You Want This In Your Life?

heya Love hotels me! Nothing better than a nice hotel with an awesome health suite.  When I gave up my job and decided to have a crack at the internet stuff full time, I promised myself I would never have a boss again. I'm psychologically un-employable now anyway. Anyway, as an avid student of personal development, I had it hammered home to me to drown yourself in your go [...]

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The C Word Will Make YOU a Fortune!

yo! Another huge reason Home Business owners struggle. They have no focus. Their head is all over the place. They fall into the trap of the 'entire world being their audience'. I remember a guy who was in the same company as me. Back in 2009. He wanted me to take a look inside his Google AdWords account as he was spending too much money without any sales. When i looked i [...]

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100,000 Aweber Subscribers

heya The 'Meet the Demon' webinar on thursday night was awesome.  The recording will be up inside the secret stash shortly and members will be invited in. If you didn't join us on the webinar, you can access the recording in the secret stash after purchase, here <~~ If you're looking to, or struggling to turn your home business profitable then i suggest it's one product [...]

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No Selling Selling!

heya, Client emails in the other day... *begin badass email* Ewan I looking at your sales page, it's awesome... I love your honesty it's very refreshing... Did you write all that yourself? The 7 lessons... I read all of it and I'm looking for a mentor. I believe I found a good one to follow ... What's interesting to me is selling without selling... I forgot until I [...]

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I am over the moon happy, although in a state of shock. I can’t believe this. You did it! If you were closer I would kiss you. This is the most wonderful news I could ever get. (I got 2 of these notifications, one for each domain) You are the MAN. God, if you ever need a testimonial please just ask and I will be happy to provide one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t believe this. It’s a wonder you can’t hear me yaa hooing all the way from New Zealand. So much appreciated – Carolyn Hansen, New Zealand.

Nicki and I have learned more pertinent information in the short time we’ve been working with you than 2 years with *****. An expensive lesson! – Dennis Goff, Canada.

Your copywriting just gets better and better. You had me so fired up I almost wanted to come out of retirement! – Ann Mclaren, UK.

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