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The Shirts Suits & Super Noodles Crowd.

So pimp. Around 60 minutes to go and all the chumps will be gone. Only the warriors left! Just how i planned it. Warriors ready to profit. Ready to do home business a different way. My way! Not the way most do it. They make about $10/month The shirts, suits and super noddles crowd. You've seen them, i'm sure. All professional looking, no personality and afraid to ste [...]

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$10,000/Month from Home! You In or Out?

Yo droogie. Time is ticking on by. Just under 7 hours to join us. I'd like it if you did but if you don't, i have no fucks to give. I do wish you every success though, with whatever you do in the future... Actually, i don't even care! Who am i kidding. You don't really care about my success, do you? I tell you what and who i do care about and that's the success o [...]

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Why Are We Here?

Summer in Scotland is the best day of the year. It was today! After spending hours last night trying to settle Gracie (my dog) who was in a right state thanks to a monster thunderstorm with some amazing lightening, i spent an hour or so today, sunbathing with my wee bro and a bottle of bud while pondering over things like why we're even here on this planet, what will i ha [...]

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Get Mooooooving - Scottish Cow's Great Escape

Hello dawg! Yesterday, a herd of runaway cows made a daring bid for freedom and as a result, became internet sensations. It's funny how a herd of cows can go viral yet home business owners try for years and all their videos get 6 views, 8 views, maybe 15 views. Some dude was driving to work and stopped to catch it on film. He put it on YouTube and it's had... 1.4 mil [...]

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Morning Glory? (sin erección)

heya. Got a cool email just before lunchtime today from Dirty Uncle Morty. It's about a fitness regime implemented in the morning, i'm guessing. The usual naysayers out in force. They can't believe what's it's called and other nonsense.  I have no idea what it's about, but I love the name. It's on the edge and funny. Definitely gets attention.  Morty reckons the fitnes [...]

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The Success Rule Most Don't Follow

heya Ever hear of the "80/20" rule? It's one of the most reliable concepts in the entire social studies field and basically says 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. So, for example: 20% of your customers pay you 80% of your money. 20% of your carpet gets 80% of the traffic. 20% of your time is when you get 80% of your real work done. And so on. But gue [...]

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Should all Over Yourself

Hello. Can be frustrating when your business isn't producing results you crave. Been there many a time.  Most home business owners are there just now and will probably stay there for as long as they have a home business. Part of the problem is the standards you set for yourself. Whether it be getting fit or losing weight. Getting up earlier in the morning. Eating the ap [...]

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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead...

hey hey Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail Nice quote, but not always the best advice. See the picture above, that's my old house. Thankfully i moved out almost a year ago. It's situated on a bad corner and the kitchen is 2 metres max from the road. Yesterday the road was blocked for hours due to the car careering off the [...]

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I am over the moon happy, although in a state of shock. I can’t believe this. You did it! If you were closer I would kiss you. This is the most wonderful news I could ever get. (I got 2 of these notifications, one for each domain) You are the MAN. God, if you ever need a testimonial please just ask and I will be happy to provide one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t believe this. It’s a wonder you can’t hear me yaa hooing all the way from New Zealand. So much appreciated – Carolyn Hansen, New Zealand.

Nicki and I have learned more pertinent information in the short time we’ve been working with you than 2 years with *****. An expensive lesson! – Dennis Goff, Canada.

Your copywriting just gets better and better. You had me so fired up I almost wanted to come out of retirement! – Ann Mclaren, UK.

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