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The worlds worst spy

Yo! So i'm round at my sister's pad sipping on some fine coffee watching Theo (my nephew) play with my dog. Those 2 are best buddies. She told me a story, which i played out every word in my head before almost spraying a mouth full of coffee all over her living room! Evie, my niece, is the clumsiest human, like, EVER! She can fall over air! The other day, she's s [...]

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Blisters on the palm of my hand

sup broheim? Fun times, growing up. Was just me and mother until i was about 6 and a half. (give or take) We had a lot of fun... When she wasn't trying to see me off If yesterday's email wasn't painful enough, which by the way, turns out i was only 2 when my little parts were getting squeezed in the door (here's where to catch up if you didn't read it) but this one is [...]

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Can you believe my mother did this to me?

Hey pimp No email yesterday and i'll get to the reason why in just a minute but first... Kids here all went back to school today after how ever many weeks of holiday they get, little fuckers, and i remembered something my mum did to me probably around the time i started school. You remember the big red phone boxes? Big heavy door on them and inside was a shelf, i presu [...]

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My Love Hate Relationship with Alcohol

yo! A whole week with no email out... It's not good enough, i know, and if it were any of my students who did it, i'd have them stoned to death with in the hour. So what happened? Well, if you're a new subscriber, you won't know yet but i'm not really a big drinker. Love a glass of wine but a night out ruins me... For a week! So last Saturday, i'm out with some fr [...]

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Pissin against the wind

Guten tag Long and short of it is... want to make waaay more money! All the other benefits of a successful home business, such as the person you become, the skills you learn etc are great too but when you're starting out... is thy goal! Lots of it. And that's what what i want for you. I was out for lunch with 2 of my homies yesterday and we got rapping ab [...]

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Sunday's Special Little Flower

Hellloo, Home business is full of 'special little flowers'. God help you if you hurt their feelings. Apparently, i did just that on Sunday. And i did it without even trying. See, these flowers think you're trying to hurt them. What they don't like, is actually just hearing the truth. Check this girl out... I comes across a post on Facebook. Girl was shouting about bein [...]

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is he Desperate, or just Lazy? ;)

hello pimpstring. Yesterday's email ruffled a few feathers, as i expected it too. But not in the way you thought! The peedo thing upset a few special little flowers but no unsubscribes surprisingly. I guess they're forming a hard layer around their petals. The ruffled feathers actually excited me and i'll tell you why. At the end of it, in the ps bitty, i said i was leavin [...]

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SCRO'tum Check

hello my friend. Busy writing the sales pages for the Early Birds of myHomeBusinessMastery to make a killin with. But i remembered a funny story from my days in Germany and i wanted to share it with you today. It might not be so funny for you tho, if you're a prude. I was about 11 and playing for the Gordon Highlanders kids football team.  Our manager was a legend, and an [...]

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I am over the moon happy, although in a state of shock. I can’t believe this. You did it! If you were closer I would kiss you. This is the most wonderful news I could ever get. (I got 2 of these notifications, one for each domain) You are the MAN. God, if you ever need a testimonial please just ask and I will be happy to provide one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t believe this. It’s a wonder you can’t hear me yaa hooing all the way from New Zealand. So much appreciated – Carolyn Hansen, New Zealand.

Nicki and I have learned more pertinent information in the short time we’ve been working with you than 2 years with *****. An expensive lesson! – Dennis Goff, Canada.

Your copywriting just gets better and better. You had me so fired up I almost wanted to come out of retirement! – Ann Mclaren, UK.

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