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The Case Against SEO

Sup, B? Gonna offend all the SEO gooroos today but it's okay, they'll get over it. Powerful biznis lesson for YOU tho, sweetpea! Firstly, if you don't know what SEO is, it's short for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically manipulating Google & Bing to get your website, your article, your video or whatever, to the top of the results when someone searches for a speci [...]

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When Quitting Brings More Monaaayy

Remember Maria? Rapping with her on Whatsapp last night. She'd just chucked her guts up after a hard work out. Doesn't think she's gonna make it through the program. It's killing her and she feels she's getting too muscly. Said she was perfectly happy with how her body was a while back when she was training to be a Pilates instructor. So my advice? Do Pilates then! [...]

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'Closet Faggot' (& a terrible photo)

sup homestring? Caused quite a stir within the ranks of the bigots with my email on Friday regarding Ireland's vote on same sex marriage. The vote was a landslide in favour of same sex marriage, which obviously it was gonna be, and, obviously what it should have been. My boy Jon sent an email with the subject... 'Ireland, Fuck Yea' One reader of his replied with only [...]

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Agree with This?

Hello Big day in Ireland today! They vote on legalising same sex marriage. Surely in the year of 2015, a country such as Ireland voting on same sex marriage can only produce one outcome See, I think rum and raisin ice cream is the devil, but I don't get all angry, paint on a sign and protest it should be banned! No, I simply don't buy the fuckin stuff! Therefore, [...]

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Inside a World Most Will Never Know...

heya Quick one tonight, compadre. I'm busy putting the final touches on 'Meet the Demon' - You're gonna love it. And it will make you a lot of the green stuff! Anyway, you've peaked behind a curtain that many will never see... ~~> The Home Business Accelerator As I mentioned before, it's the exact same formula i've personally used to make over $50,000 in a 3 week perio [...]

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Women Throwing Their Knickers at me

heya, It's been a while huh? I'll s'plain it all to you in a few days but first... Going back to 2009, the last time i raced a branded IronMan event. Wimbleball 70.3. Toughest half IronMan course in the world they say. I'd agree... Especially since i was injured and wasn't even going to compete but my homie convinced me to take part anyway. I had only spent 3 weeks trai [...]

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He was Begging to Give me $10,000

heya So, following on from yesterday... We arrived at a pub around 10 minutes from the race. 10+ hours in a cracking british summer heatwave ensured we were desperate for a cold pint of their finest. In we went and ordered up 2. It wasn't long before 2 local females were sitting at the table with us. I guess there isn't much choice in a sleepy country village and as nice as [...]

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Scared to Charge Top Dollaahz?

heya, Question comes in from Lily yesterday.  She's venturing away from only selling network marketing products and want's to pitch some of her own in the market place but she's unsure of pricing. She asked about how go about deciding on a price point. Great question that is too. Firstly, don't pay too much attention to your competitors. Do something to make your products [...]

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I am over the moon happy, although in a state of shock. I can’t believe this. You did it! If you were closer I would kiss you. This is the most wonderful news I could ever get. (I got 2 of these notifications, one for each domain) You are the MAN. God, if you ever need a testimonial please just ask and I will be happy to provide one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t believe this. It’s a wonder you can’t hear me yaa hooing all the way from New Zealand. So much appreciated – Carolyn Hansen, New Zealand.

Nicki and I have learned more pertinent information in the short time we’ve been working with you than 2 years with *****. An expensive lesson! – Dennis Goff, Canada.

Your copywriting just gets better and better. You had me so fired up I almost wanted to come out of retirement! – Ann Mclaren, UK.

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